Olim Kamalov

Olim Kamalov is one of the few professional miniaturists in Tajikistan. Kamalov was born in 1960 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He graduated from Art School and Art College named after M.Olimov in 1979. He learnt the technique of Palekh miniature art and became a chief artist of the Armugon factory in Dushanbe. He began to include Tajik traditional elements into his works while learning Persian miniature art of 15th century. He taught fine arts in the school no.7 and art college in Dushanbe, found cooperative “Tuhfa”, where he started producing original art works with Tajik traditional patterns. He has moved to the Adib Publishing House and Istikbol magazine where he has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator until now. At the same time he has found Mino Art Centre and an art gallery, where he teaches the basics of miniature art to a new generation, in the hope that some of them will continue working in this direction in future. His art works have been exhibited in many European, Asian and African countries.

Place of Brith: Dushanbe
Date of Brith: 03-05-1960
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Image Caption: Family of artists, Olim Kamalov and Sarvinoz Hodjieva
Image Credits: Wikipedia

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