Ibrahim Bek - Leader of the Basmachi

Ibrahim Bek was the leader of the anti-Soviet group Basmachi. He belonged to the Uzbek Lakai tribe in Eastern Bukhara. In the 1920s he led an organized resistance against the Soviet military. He was a religious conservative. Bek and his Basmachi were engaged and defeated by Red Army units of the Turkestan Military District under the command of Mikhail Frunze in the spring of 1925. According to the Soviets Bek had been provided assistance by British intelligence services.   Eventually Bek was forced to flee south into Afghanistan, from where he along with Fazail Maksum (fellow Basmachi leader) led multiple cross-border raids back into the now organized Soviet Socialist republic of Tajikistan. Bek was betrayed by Tajik villagers, he ended up being captured and then later executed by Soviet authorities in 1931. By the middle of the same year his Basmachi followers had been largely defeated by the Red Army.

Place of Brith: Rudaki District, Tajikistan
Date of Brith: 1889
Date of Death: 1931
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