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Kamil Shayakhmetov

A painter famous for his masterpieces (oil on canvas) such as "Midday" (1959), and "To the Shepherds' Celebrations" (1962) exposed at the State Museum of Arts in Almaty. [ ... read more ]

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Kanafiya Telzhanov

Kanafiya Telzhanov was a painter who left a ​​significant mark in the world of arts in Kazakhstan. His works has been displayed in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the State Museum of Art named after A.Kasteev, as well as in private collections in Europe and Asia. The cu [ ... read more ]

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Gulfairus Ismailova

Painter who had contributed much to the development of fine and scene painting arts in Kazakhstan. She showed a cautious trend away from uniform ideological positions. [ ... read more ]

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Ybyrai Altynsarin

Kazakh educator active during the Russian colonization. He is known to be the person who introduced the Cyrillic alphabet for the Kazakh language, the first Kazakh grammar book, and the first Kazakh-Russian newspaper. [ ... read more ]

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Abilkhan Kasteev

Painter with a remarkable amount of paintings in oil and water-colours. Some of his best works are displayed in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, in the Central Museum of USSR Revolution by Lenin Order in Moscow, and in the Abilkhan Kasteyev State Museum of Arts which is the largest art muse [ ... read more ]

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Chokan Valikhanov

Shoqan Shynghysuly Walikhanov was a Kazakh scholar, ethnographer, historian and participant in "The Great Game". Said to be the father of modern Kazakh historiography and ethnography. The Kazakh Academy of Sciences in Almaty is named after him. His work combined both military intelligence and geo [ ... read more ]

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