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Historic city center declared a World Heritage Site

The lovely city historic city center of Guanajuato has been declared World Heritage Site, an important recognition for the city.

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The first Festival Internacional Cervantino

The first edition of the Festival Internacional Cervantino (El Cervantino) is held in Guanajuato. Since then, it has grown to become the most important international artistic and cultural event in Mexico and Latin America, and one of four major events of its type in the world.

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General Florencio Antillón ends French domination

General Florencio Antillón captured the city and ends the French occupation.


French took the city

During the French intervention in Mexico the French troops took the city and Guanajuato received a visit from the Emperor Maximiliano I and his wife Carlota.


Guanajuato capital

Soon after the Independence Guanajuato became a state and the city was made capital.


Guanajuato become an "intendencia"

Due to the aboundance dig out from its prosperous mines and the consequent riches accumulated, Guanajuato became "intendencia" or province.


Second important flood hit Guanajauto

In the history of Guanajuato the flod are recorring, in 1780 twenty years after a massive flood a second one hit Guanajuato causing serious damage. 


La Valenciana mine starts operation

The most important of the mining complexes in Guanajuato is the La Valenciana, on the northern edge of the city. It began operation in 1774. From then until the early 19th century it was one of the most productive silver mines in the world, accounting for 2/3 of the world’s production at its peak. It produced 80% of all silver mined in the state of Guanajuato and one-sixth of all Mexico. 


Major flood hit the city

Flooding had been a serious problem through most of the city’s history, due to the area’s steep compact hillsides, in 1760 a major flood nearly wiped out Guanajuato


Guanajuato receive a title

Guanajuato received the title of “The Most Noble and Loyal City of Santa Fe de Minas de Guanajuato”


Guanajuato richest city in Mexico during 18th century

The silver extracted by the mines in Guanajuato made it the richest city of Mexico and the world's leading silver extraction center. Riches that can be admire nowadays through the opulent colonial architecture.


City name changed and Escutcheon given

The viceroy of Mexico, Fray Payo Enriquez de Rivera, by decree changes the name in Ciudad de Santa Fe y Real de Minas de Guanajuato (Very Noble and Loyal City of Santa Fe y Real de Minas de Guanajuato). 1679 is the year when Guanajjuato received the escutcheon which is still use nowadays.


Guanajuato is growing

Guanajuato population is growing with the arrival of adventurers and laborers working in the mines. The local people of Chichimeca tribes keep attacking the Spanish opposing to their presence


Outpost founded

With the name of Real de Minas de Guanajuato, the viceroy Don Antonio de Mendoza, officially established the outpost


Spanish found gold

The Spanish found gold in the area of Guanajuato and start to build forts and sending soldiers to protect the mines.